2016 Honda Jazz – One less car approaching, new 2016 Honda Jazz. Honda Fit and Honda Jazz which is essentially the same car, made for different markets, and by comparing the contrast.This name is used Jazz from around the world, except in North America, Japan and China.
2016 Honda Jazz is the third model of the era, the same as the previous model and got a little more improved style. New jazz great, constantly looking for the second year to the third era. The city has surprised suburbanite drive innovation Summit lists on the most important evaluation and offer everything that is supposed to offer; the extraordinary effectiveness of fuel and skillful driving of motion.


2016 honda jazz


As far as exteriors go, 2016 Honda Jazz perfect and clean. Although, in contrast to active the new Jazz model, showing the lines stronger and more reasoned. Honda‘s trademark front fascia cornered by relaxing lights, while the broad distinction, low trapezoidal air intake served to draw out a veil. His stomach got sharp wrinkle above the handle of the entrance, while the back of expressive are equipped with backlight that extend the distance to roof mounted spoiler.

2016 Honda Jazz rear

2016 honda jazz


In a surprisingly airy. This, however, does not mean you will have the capacity to enter the top five individuals in the new Jazz. Quality materials, subtle touch has been utilised to renovate the interior and now 2016 Honda Jazz feels like auto from the same class once more. However, conservative instrument Board and the lack of a center stack, scatter fantasy. Mostly in the dark, however, some of the highlights of silver plastic breaks a little dull.

New Jazz offers virtually automatic in-class what each does, nothing other than that, not less. The position of the display unit of the Centre was held to 5-inch LCD screen or a 7-inch touch screen that covers the navigation. Then again, some littler emerging market might receive an entry level model with no draw.

This model is different, with the most advanced technology will also get a HDMI,Bluetooth, USB and even Wi-Fi capacity. Highlighting the security would also be really wonderful for the B-parts of the vehicle. 2016 Jazz will offer high beam auto optional departure warning, Lane, traffic sign recognition framework and front collision warning.

There are not many decisions in the powertrain Division, despite the fact that the vehicle was exhibited internationally. Transverse become more of a second, only three nameplates motor offered, two of which are implied to Jazz. Most of them have a 1.3 l4-cylinder motor dream Earth under the roof of their car, capable of delivering 100 hp and paired with the 6-speed manual transmission. No more 5-speed and CVT shifter.

In addition, some markets will get a little larger, 1.5 l 4 cylinder motor. But, like pushing a new era, we must also see a rise in options can be accessed, and new petrol and diesel units will definitely join the lineup.

2016 honda jazz


There are many markets that are being considered for the new model, but the $ 15.000 public sticker and $ 25000 in 2016 to see Honda Jazz.

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